forest sciences


the phd in forest sciences is a research-based program focused on the development of researchers in the field of forest sciences, including, but not limited to the following subject areas:

  • biodiversity in forest environments; conservation biology; evolutionary ecology; forest ecology and ecological processes; forest entomology and pathology; forest fire management and ecology; forest management, economics and operations; forest recreation; forest soils and soil conservation; forest genetics and tree improvement; population and community ecology; remote sensing and photogrammetry; silviculture; sustainable forest management; tree morphology and physiology; watershed ecology, forest hydrology and water quality; wildlife/animal habitat management and conservation; and wood science.

for a current list of the phd core faculty members to contact for doctoral research opportunities, please click here.

note: students in this program are expected to complete all requirements within a minimum of nine terms (3 years) up to a maximum of twelve terms (4 years) of continuous full-time registration. candidates must meet a minimum residency of three terms, two of which must be consecutive.


admission requirements for phd

applicants for admission must be graduates of a recognized university and show evidence of scholarly achievement. except where otherwise stated in the admission requirements of a particular program, students must have a masters degree or its equivalent with an academic average as specified by the academic unit. an applicant holding a degree other than one in the discipline area to which admission is sought will be considered on the basis of master's courses taken and academic standing. a qualifying year may be required at the masters level to meet the admission standards. courses taken as part of a qualifying year cannot be used as credit towards a doctoral degree.

meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. no candidate will be admitted unless the academic unit recommends admission. all applicants will be advised in writing by the office of graduate studies of their admission status.

program specific requirements

in addition to the general admission requirements for phd programs, the following requirements also apply:

  • availability of a supervisory committee for the student
  • normally, an applicant to the program would be expected to have completed a master's degree in forestry, related science or an allied discipline; however, students lacking the appropriate background will be required to complete additional courses (up to 2 fces at the graduate level) to cover deficiencies as determined by the supervisory committee and approved by the faculty graduate studies committee
  • successful completion of a qualifying examination - qualifying examinations are to be held within twelve months of registration in the phd in forest sciences program. in the case of a graduate student enrolled in a master's program who requests to transfer to the phd program without completion of the master's program, a qualifying examination will be arranged as soon as reasonably feasible; the successful completion of the examination will permit the student to register in the phd program, otherwise the student will remain registered as a master's candidate
  • applicants whose native language is not english and who have not studied in an english school system for more than three years will be required to present proof of english proficiency by achieving a total score of at least 550 on the test of english as a foreign language (toefl) and a score of at least 4.0 on the test of written english (twe)
how to apply: 

required application documents

although applications are accepted on a continual basis, to be considered in the initial Admission & funding decisions for the Fall (September) semester, you are encouraged to apply by february 1.

supervisor information

interested students are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly and before submitting an application for graduate study.

the first step in the application process is to complete the online graduate studies application form.

after you have submitted the online form along with the required $100 cad application fee, you will be provided with an online account where you can complete the remaining steps of the application process which include uploading the required supporting documents and monitoring the status of your application.

click here to apply to graduate studies 

after you have applied 

after you have submitted the online application form, you will be provided with instructions by email on how to log in to myinfo, where you will be able to review and upload the remaining and required supporting documents.

graduate studies reference form (3 forms required)
  • an electronic reference form will be automatically sent by email to the references you identify on the graduate studies application form
  • this form is requested in support of the applicant's ability to undertake advanced study and research
official transcript
proof of degree
program specific supporting documents (if required)
  • for a list of program specific documents, please see this program's additional application information section (if required, see above)
official english test results (if required)
next steps: 

next steps

registration procedures

before registering!

check to make sure all of your course selections are currently being offered by referring to the university course calendar and the university course time tables.

University graduate studies & General regulations & Policies


program specific funding opportunities

general funding opportunities